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Juridical psychology

Juridical psychology is integral branch of science which covers both field of the juridical work and field of the human personality and interaction of people, because adaptation of legal regulations and human's interaction with each other in fact are indissoluble connected in most situations.

Unfortunately many persons turn attention to juridical psychology rather little. It seems that the heritage of soviet regime is one reason of such situation – dictatorial and hypocritical nomenclature of the soviet system did not want people could understand the law-governed nature of social development, state administration and legal regulation. In time of the soviet regime only high schools of police (militia) had developed the juridical psychology for their objects.

However, the understanding on inferences of the juridical psychology is very important both for lawyers and officials of state institutions in solution of almost any professional duty because they must secure legal interests of society and all individuals, on whom their work applies.
It is useful  also for any person without special duties and knowledge to know inferences of the juridical psychology because it helps them to protect their interests also in private field.

Juridical psychology enclose several subjects, including:
  • Legislative psychology
  • Psychology of management and juridical work in business fields
  • Crime psychology (to study crimes and deviant behaviour) and victimology (to study behaviour of the victims of crimes)
  • Investigative and forensic psychology
  • Psychology of the undercover activities of law enforcement agencies and psychology of the crime prevention; psychology of the work of security services (including work in crisis situations)
  • Penitentiary psychology (it is related to persons who are in confinement) and psychology of probation work (to prevent crime recidivism)
  • Forensic psychological examinations and polygraph examinations also are subjects of the juridical psychology
Taking into consideration our specialisation both in juridical and psychological fields we can give advice and practical aid in various complex situations.


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